26 de junio de 2011

KBS K-Pop Special (2pm cut)

Recap by Egle @2pmalways.com

Narrator: 2PM went to a records store for a special event today. Not long ago 2PM released a single in Japan.
Then he says that interest in 2PM was very big from the very beginning.

Japanese official talks about 2PM sales in Japan. How many thousands of copies they sold, of everything they have officially released in Japan. So far.
He says that they're achievements are really great considering they are new foreign acts.

2PM comes to NHK japan for the show. And they look as nervous as anyone who ventures into foreign country's market.

It feels like starting all over.

Junho talks about their single and says that Heartbeat was recorded all over in Japanese.

2PM are already receiving a lot of attention from female fans in Japan as "beastly idols".

Then he explains why they are called beastly idols, and the narrator says that these kind of appearance is hard to come across among Japanese idols.

Another Japanese official once again explains how in Japan idols debut fast and then little by little they become more and more professional as their experience grow.

While in Korea they go through auditions and go through years of training so when they debut as a group they already are able to displaying perfect performance.

He says that 2PM were invited because they sold CDs well, their tour was successful and they are popular among the young generation Japanese.

-High-touch event-

Fans gathered from early hours.

A group of fans says they have waited since midnight.
Some fans came from Hokkaido (northern island).

The tickets for the High touch event were in the single.
You can have a high-touch with the member you have the card of.

High touch is a special fan service common to Japan only.

The members were also nervous about doing it for the first time.

Taec says that in Korea you usually do a fan sign event, while here for album promotion they need to do a high-touch event with a rather simple concept.

Japanese fans showed a lot of interested in the event. Around 40.000 fans showed up.

A Journalist says that it's a great deal, because usually high-touch events gather around 5000 fans.

It's an event organized for fans who want to see their idols from up close.

This event drew people ranging from little kids to grandmas.

The fans are spazzing that the boys are really good looking and they totally didn't know what to do.
One of them says she's very happy because she could've never even dreamed of seeing them from this close.

The fan who received a high-touch from Chan shows her sign which says "Please become my son."
She says that they can't really get involved romantically, so she would love to have him as her son.
She also says that he looks the best when he smiles, and she won't be able to sleep tonight.

Then they approach fans who went to do the high-touch for over 10 times. Which means they also bought a lot of CDs.

There was one fan who went through all the rounds, but she still had 10 tickets left, so at the end of the event she went on and got all 10 high touches from Khun at once.

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